Tier 1

Ultimate Database



  • A storage database for your clients' testing information easily retrievable over time
  • Testing data is put into a consistent format
  • Each individual assessment can be graphed through the software for a patient-facing visual
  • 2019 Code Billing Tracker

Tier 2

Visualize Your Data



  • All of Ultimate Database plan features

  • Comparative graphing of tests to show progress over time
  • Scoring summary sheets to add into your Evaluation Reports
  • 2019 Code Billing Tracker

Tier 3

Visualize the Spectrums



  • All of Ultimate Database and Visualize your Data plan features

  • Plot your scores on the Autism Spectrum Profile©, ADD Spectrum Profile© and future profiles
  • Unlimited generation of Spectrum Profile Charts, creating a clear visual way to present your data to your patients and compare them over time
  • 2019 Code Billing Tracker

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